Modern Home on Cooled Lava Base

Set on a cooled lava base in Kona, Hawaii, this captivating modern home was built by the California-based practice Belzberg Architects. With views of the mountains and the ocean, its unique design totals 7,800 square feet with both traditional and modern features.

konaresidence_belzbergarchitects_db_07-thumbWhen you first enter the home the “dramatic entry way [is] designed to resemble traditional Hawaiian basket weaving, and [features] long, timber-clad wings shooting off from one central axis” (Curbed). The home’s wings separate the spaces. One of the wings holds the main living space along with the kitchen and the bedrooms. Meanwhile, another is designed to provide guest living spaces.

The home was also designed with the intention to be mostly self-sufficient and has multiple rain water collection systems, lava rocks with thermal properties that heat the home and surrounding pool, and large solar panels lining the roof.






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